Top 10 Useful 3D Printed Accessories For Any Maker

3D printing is a way of turning digital files into real objects. They are designed layer-by-layer and the result is just spell-bound. With this, you can create almost all kinds of object that are easy to handle. The future of 3D printing is very clear and bigger than what explained by the experts. 3D printing service in Australia is getting its fame rightly and chosen by many people for their process. Let’s discuss 10 most useful 3D printed accessories needed by the experts to perform their work.

1. 3D Printed Filament Clip



A small filament clip can bring lots of difference in 3D printing storage capacity. And, nothing is better than 3D printing to design the one. This small clip is required for holding the filament so that it can be prevented from separating.


2. All-in-One 3D Printer Test

all in one 3D printer test

Before using a new 3D printer, we always think of testing it first to see how it works. The offered All-in-one 3D printer test is designed as an ideal tool for analyzing your new machine.



3. 3D Printed Soldering Station

3D Printed Soldering

Most of the advanced designers and users want to add 3D printed soldering station to their workspace. This is needed for soldering and connecting the complex objects all together with care. Zeal 3D printing recommends this station to get stable and durable performance. The 3D printing in Melbourne has now become easy with the available soldering station.

4. 3D Printed Visual Display

3D Printed Visual Display

Although the users who are already working with 3D printing techniques a while don’t feel the use of visual display. But for today’s designer it keeps a special value.



5. 3D Printer Tool Stand

3D Printer Tool Stand


Another useful accessory in a queue is 3D printer tool stand. It is specially designed to hold different tools like nose pliers, digital caliper, brush, scraper, glass jar, glue stick and many other things. What can be better than this?


6. 3D Printed Organizer Box

3D Printed Organizer Box

The designers are nowadays using 3D printed organizer box for 3D printing. There are different drawers inside it along with multiple compartments where you can keep all your tools safely. Here, you can put bolts, nuts, screws and other small pieces.

7. 3D Printed Filament Enclosure

Zeal 3D printing is introducing 3D printed filament enclosure for you to prevent your filament from moisture and provide the excellent 3D printing results. It is an elaborate spool system which has enclosed casing that can easily be wall mounted.

8. 3D Printed Spool Holder

3D Printer Spool Holder

A very useful thing, 3D printed spool holder promises to offer stability and unraveling. It is simple and comfortable to use. The holder is used for holding different parts.



9. 3D Printed Filament Filter and Lubricator

3D Printer Filament and Lubricant

This accessory is needed for improving the filament feeding process. There is a tubular 3D printed cylinder which is incorporated with a small piece of sponge.

10. 3D Printed 3D Scanning Platform

Designed to contain manual rotating platform, it can easily get connected to a Smartphone stand. The idea behind it is to use your phone’s onboard camera and click the images while rotating the turn table.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas Using 3D Printing

Valentine Day is just a few days far and most of you thinking about the gifts to give to your love. What you have decided – a box of chocolate or a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Zeal 3D printing is sharing some better and surprising ideas to astonish your date. We will tell you the top picks gift that are 3D printed gifts that show your true affection.

  1. 3D printed jewelry
3d printed jewelry australia
3d printed jewelry australia

3D printing has the capability to convert the traditional gift in a unique one that brings the shine to your loved one’s eyes. Why not you express your love by gifting a beautiful necklace? With the help of 3D printing, designers nowadays are creating astonishing designs. These accessories definitely become a statement jewelry that can easily be customized.

  1. The cookie cutters

3d printed cookie cutters

Nothing is better to tell ‘I Love You’ in a delectable manner. The 3D printed cookie cutters are designed to make you choose image or photograph that you want to convert into a cookie cutter. It is a customized gift that your partner will definitely love.

  1. 3D printed handbag

3d printed hand bags

If you are not looking for the jewelry, then handbag could be the answer to your search. 3D printing nowadays is used for designing the handbags n most sleek and stylish manner. The best thing is that they are available in the customized form on which you can feature your message like a greeting card. This is the best way to communicate your feeling.

  1. Flower Vase

3D Printed Flower Vase in Porcelain

A big bouquet of flowers is the most romantic gift that one can give. But, here is a twist. You can gift the flowers putting them in a vase that is designed with 3D printing process to give gorgeous and sculptural design. No doubt, it will add elegance. This is one of the excellent 3D printing gift ideas.

  1. Phone case designed with 3D printing
3D Printed Mobile Case
3D Printed Mobile Case

If your partner is a diehard fan of Smartphone, then 3D printed phone case is the best option. This you can gift with a box of chocolate. Get your date’s attention on you by giving this gift.

  1. Bath bomb molds

3D printing is acceptable to design bath bomb molds for your loved ones and treat them with soothing bath bombs. As it is a customized gift, you can decide your own shape to prepare the molds.

  1. Cold brew coffee maker

With cold brew coffee maker designed by 3D printing warm up your loved one heart. With this, you can brew up to 6 cups of coffee in a day.

  1. 3D printed electric shaver

3D printing for valentine brings one more unique gift in the form of an electric shaver. It is engrossed in two handle designs, accessories and dimensions according to the razor you want to have.

  1. Chocolate printer

With new 3D printing technology now it is possible to print your message on the chocolate to customize your dessert. You can take your partner to a sweet date and gift her chocolate printed with your feelings.

  1. 3D printed heart

3D Printed Hearts

Using the 3D printing technology, you can customize, heart-shaped pendant, ring or bracelet to gift it to your loved ones.


3D PRINTING: Tool For Production

“3D Printing is going to be much bigger than what 3D printing companies are saying”- Credit Suisse

3D Printing is part of a process known as additive manufacturing.

3D Printing Service Tool
3D Printing Service Tool

In order to create 3D objects, the technology involves the process of joining or solidifying some materials that are controlled by the computers, adding material layer by layer. It allows us to create complex parts for machines, airplanes, and cars for fraction of the cost. It provides the freedom of creativity to the designer.

It is a moderately famous service which is yet to gain momentum in the industry. The 3D printing Technology has completely replaced heavy machinery and the tools of production have become one of the major issues. Even though the latest technology is not up to the mark but in future there would be an effective advancement in the field of 3D printing.

3D Printing Tool For Production

The Forbes Magazine has estimated that there would be a rapid growth in the 3D printing industry and it made even exceed the worldwide revenue by 2020. The 3D printing technology in fields like medicine and health care may have a drastic increase especially in countries like Australia. 3d printing in Australia is destined to transform all major industries and change the working of the future.

3d printing services in Melbourne is witnessing huge investment not only in terms of services but also several companies setting up and re-designing and re-creating the whole 3D printing process. For Instance, Zeal 3D printing services are changing the face and fate of the industry by providing great quality 3D prints at low cost.

Messiah of production

3d printing services are proving to be a messiah of production. It’s changing the face of several industries. In Education, 3D printers are being used in the classroom enabling students to materialize their ideas in a fast and affordable way. They can be a great place to learn to use equipment that is ordinarily out of the regular consumer’s reach.

Now, this technology is also used for rapid manufacturing, where companies are using printers for short run custom manufacturing. Here, the printed objects are end-user products and not only fodder for more production. In the automotive industry, car manufacturers, restorers, and repairers have been employing 3D printing for car parts, tools, and interior elements as well. Latest technology on 3d printing in Australia has also found its way into site development that has greatly influenced the foreign manufacturers. Few other examples of 3D printing Technology can be included in fields like reconstructing bones, reconstructing fossils in paleontology and replicating ancient artifacts in archaeology. The 3d printing services in Melbourne has been incorporated in other industries such as electronics, construction, aviation and architecture that requires the technology to acquire the high-quality product.

The Future

It is predicted by some that 3d printing services will change the nature of commerce since consumers will be able to manufacture their own products rather than purchasing it from retailers. The capability of designing according to will, adding colors, using multiple materials and providing an improvement in products will alter the manufacturing process. The 3d printing services is an extremely beneficial tool for production as it leads to less waste, optimum use of energy, more product range, and availability and increasing comfort. It is indeed the future.

Top 10 Materials for 3D Printing

The popularity of 3D printing is going viral during recent times with availability of printers that can print on different types of materials from plastic to paper. As there is a wide range of materials available for 3D printing, it is difficult to pick one of the options available. When the customers choose to go with 3D printing, you can come up with a wide range of 3D printing materials that satisfies all kinds of demands. The current article lists top 10 3D printing materials.

3d printing material

 Metals :-

Metal 3D Printing Material

Bonze, gold, steel, aluminum and titanium are the popular list of metals used for 3D printing. These metals are printed directly by binding metal dust and firing it instead of casting and post-processing to turn the material hard. This process will turn the material into functional to get the machine to finish the items.


Carbon fiber and other composites :-

Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Material

In this type 3D printing material, the 3D print is first done on the plastic like ABS, and prints carbon fibers on top which is a most affordable way to print something as strong as metal. This martial is preferably used in bicycles and aeronautics industries.


Carbon nanotubes and graphene embedded in plastics :-

Carbon Nanotubes 3D Printing Material

This kind of material is a fantastic option for flexible touch screens, building circuits, and solar panels. The material can be a preferred choice for building a new technology in addition to being able to do the printing easily and fast.

Nitinol :-

Nitinol 3D Printing Material

It is an alloy of Nickel and titanium is known for its super elasticity. The metal has the ability to change shapes and is popularly used for catheter wires and stents. It is also widely used in medical implants.



Water-absorbing plastic :-

Water Absorbing 3D Printing Material

This material is printed in the 4D printing process. The object can take the desired shape after it is printed leading a self-assembly. This means even if something is inserted into the body through a narrow tube, the end product can take a different shape if it needs to be.


Nylon :-

Nylon 3D Printing Material

This is very cost effective synthetic polymer used for 3D printing in Australia. Its transparent and silky nature got it the name white plastic and has turned to be an immense application in formulating household items.




ABS :-

abs 3d printing material

It is abbreviated as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is a common petroleum-based polymer. The material is resistant to extreme temperatures. This is also available in the section of affordable 3D printing services and used for desktop 3D printing.



Acrylics :-

Acrylic 3D Printing Material

It is a collective term used for a wide range of plastic material. It is used as an alternative glass and has long shelf life.




Resins :-

Resin 3D Printing Material


Resins are also one of the popular materials used for 3D printing in the industry due to their non-toxic nature and availability for a wide range of applications



Paper :-

Paper 3D Printing Material

This is 3D printing material that is extensively used in the market. because of its inexpensive nature and mold ability. You can easily trim and glue layers of paper to create desired shapes. You can customize colors and designs according to your requirements



Ceramics :-

ceramic 3d printing material

These are also common materials used in 3D printing and are found to be extremely delicate. In this case, ceramic will serve as base material; the structure is printed first and glazed with finishing.


3D printing is called the additive manufacturing many times and used for creating the three-dimensional object. This manufacturing is always under the full control of the computer. The computer plays the vital role in the 3d printing while joining and solidifying the material. The scope of 3d printing services is endless and diverse kinds of the object with the diverse kind of shape and size can be produced by the use of this technology. The term “3D printing” at first referred to a procedure that deposits a binder material onto a powder bed and this process is done layer by layer with the help of inkjet printer heads. These days with the growing use of this technology in the various fields this term is known as the additive manufacturing techniques.

3D Printing Automotive Industry

Automotive OEMs uses this technology

There are many technologies which are disrupting the conventional automotive manufacturing practices but the 3D printing might well be on top of these technologies. This technology is extensively used by the automotive OEMs. This production includes the car, motorcycle, and CV manufacturers. This is the best way to visualize, design and build products. By the use of this technology, OEMs are able to work in-house during the prototyping stage. This kind of secure working ensures the greater confidentiality and at the same time imparts the greater creative liberty, elasticity and the chance to reduce production costs.

Best 3D Printing in Melbourne

With collaboration with CAD, this technology thrives

The 3D drawings created with CAD software are used for creating actual physical objects. The CAD drawings are converted into the file that the 3D printers can read. The technology is used to create the 3D objects in layers by laying down multiple layers of material. This technology is going to boom since the 3D printers can even generate complex shapes with fully functional moving parts.

Best for small volume, complicated components but holds potential to hit mainstream uses

This technology is unprecedented in the cutting down the time for production of a full-scale model. The time can be reduced from weeks to just a few hours. This saving of time is very beneficial for OEMs. At present, this technology is more helpful for low-volume components because the production of this kind of low volume components can otherwise be expensive and complicated. The cheaper, faster and more advanced 3D printers, 3D-printed parts are the future of the production and will certainly hit mainstream usage as well.

Cloud-based additive manufacturing –

The internet is breaking the barriers of distance and no resource is far away. The use of cloud in the field of printing imparts the very wide reach to this technique and allows decentralized and geographically independent distributed production. Distributed manufacturing is the interesting thing which getting popularity and carried out by some enterprises. After the growing use of this printing technology, 3D Hubs are coming into the picture and putting people who need 3D printing in contact with owners of printers. There are many companies which are also working in this direction and providing services to both commercial and private customers.


Latest 3D Printing Trends and Technology

With impressive changes and developments lately, 3D printing technology is taking aviation, automotive, wind energy, and medical industries by storm. Here are the latest trends in 3D printing technology that companies into 3D printing services must know.

Speedier Printing Process:-

Online 3D Printing Services


The demand for fast 3D printing has been felt long back. But due to the limitations of 3D printing technology, it has remained a distant dream. A new technology has evolved that is giving 3D printing process the much-needed stimulus. Now printing faster and without any interruption is possible with Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology. 3D printing in Australia is adopting CLIP for liquid resin printing.

Soft Robots:-

Soft 3D Printing Robots
Soft 3D Printing Robots

The moment one thinks about a robot, a stiff image made of metal and maneuvered by a remote control come to the mind. Their stiffness made them walking on any terrain or surface just impossible. With the latest 3D printing technology, the headless robot is provided with 3D-printed soft rubber legs. The robot made of hard and soft materials can walk and climb any types of terrain and perform jobs that was impossible for rigid robots.

Bigger 3D Printers:-

Printing functional parts and components for aviation and wind energy sectors was complex due to the small size of 3D printers. Not only the printing was time-consuming, but also expensive to have huge and special tools to print wings of an aircraft. With Hybrid 3D printing, the printing process has become faster, and economical too. Further, the 3D-printed wing components are lighter too.

Fully Functional Parts with 3D Printing:-

3D Printing in Australia

3D printing of complex electronics parts in one step is now possible. Printing plastic materials that conduct electricity is convenient. This means rapid prototyping services for functional objects is viable.

How 3D Printing Will Improve Our Future

Science and technology have contributed a lot to make humans’ lives easy. The groundbreaking work done in these fields is a suggestive of welcoming changes that we are going to see in the future. A good amount of contribution to this thinking is done by the revolutionary improvement in 3D printing. In fact, several technical experts reckon that 3D printing will improve our future for better. Let’s find out what made them consider so.

3D Printed Human Organs:-

3D Printed Medical Parts

3D printing in Australia is transforming medical industry. Going by the report published in a healthcare journal, a surgery using 3D printed orthopedic implant is carried out on a patient in Queensland, Brisbane with success. In the future, it will be possible to print skin, kidney, and even a clone of a beating heart. We can transplant and repair a heart after getting a heart attack.

Lighter Aeroplane Parts:-

Airoplane 3D Printed Parts

Traveling by plane will change in a couple of years. Soon, there will be planes with 3D printed parts. Using those parts will make the plane lighter as well as more efficient. Also, the design features will change in order to incorporate new and durable parts. In fact, engineers have already created a jet engine with 3D Printing in Melbourne.

3D Printer in Kitchen:-

3D Printer For Kitchen

In 10 to 15 years henceforth, the need to go out to enjoy your favorite pizza or staple food will drop drastically. For, you can have a 3D printer in your kitchen that can create a pizza and other foods. The printer will also be designed and programmed to print biscuits and pretzels so that the user can have a quick bite. Companies offering 3D Printing Services will build and delivery 3D printer at your doorstep.

Traveling Light for a Holiday will be Possible

Packing cosmetics, footwear, and other accessory for a holiday is quite boring. There is also a possibility of forgetting them in the hotel room. But in the future, there will be no need to pack and worry about losing things. For it is expected that most hotels in tourist destinations will have a 3D printer in each room, and guests can print necessary items when required.

Better Safety and Faster Help

3d printing service

While safety and protection are the major concern of every nation, there is a likelihood of 3D printing being used by the military for logistics. The military can print and replace damaged parts of tanks, equipment, and bridges quickly and as needed. This will also make shipping of arms, ammunition, and other utilities to war-torn areas quicker.

Affordable Office and Housing

office 3d printing service

In the next 10 to 12 years, people will be working in 3D printed offices. The printed buildings will be cheaper and constructed much faster than the traditional methods. In fact, the first 3D printed building has already come up in Dubai by the name of “Office of the Future.”

3D printing services in Sydney will make living in 3D printing houses for Australians possible in the coming years. As architectures are able to convince builders and developers to construct a 3D printed property, in less than a decade, more 3D printed housing construction will take place. A 3D printed structural node is already been developed by researchers that can be used in connecting building parts. Since the construction materials would be picked by the surrounding and waste generated during construction, houses will be affordable.

If you are lacking time in learning 3D printing technology or to start a project, take help of online 3D Printing provided by 3D printing companies. This is not a complete list on how 3D printing will improve our future. There are many other ways this revolutionary technology will have an impact on us.